There are five classes of membership:


Awarded by a majority vote at an AGM.


Limited to owners of chain-driven Frazer Nash and GN cars as well as post-war Frazer Nash cars built up to 1957.


Open to owners of Frazer Nash-BMWs, past or prospective owners of any Frazer Nash or GN and anyone with a general interest in the Frazer Nash marque.


Under 25 years.


Open to partners of members.

Only Full members have voting rights and may hold office in the Club.

The annual subscription is currently £30 for Full and Associate members and £5 for Family members. Junior members pay only 50% of the current subscription and the entry fee is waived. There is an entry fee of £5 for everyone 25 and over. Overseas members pay a subscription of £40 to cover the extra cost of airmail postage. Sterling cheques payable to FNCC Ltd.

Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year but for those joining on or after October 1st, the subscription will cover the ensuing year.

Those wishing to join the Club should contact the Secretary.