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Frazer Nash Car Club Picnic

The Frazer Nash Car Club Summer picnic will take place on Sunday the 21st of July at Warndon Court, the home of David and Rachel Pryke. As usual guest

Cadwell Park Dog and Sprocket

The picture above once again shows the Comp Sec ahead of the Captain at a rainy Cadwell park in 2016. Its only a week to go before the Nash race at Ca

Tyre safety

Photo - article seen in a lady’s magazine in a dentists waiting room Tyre safety is very important to us at Longstone Tyres. Here is our tyre

Cognac wins vintage FTD at Shelsley

Several Nashes & GNs  featured in the awards at a boiling hot Shelsley last Sunday.  Particular congratulations to Tony Lees for winning


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More About Frazer Nash Car Club

The FRAZER NASH CAR CLUB, founded in 1933, became a Section of the Vintage Sports Car Club in 1947 and was re-formed in December 2005 as the Frazer Nash Car Club Limited (FNCC).

Its purpose is to encourage the preservation of chain-driven Frazer Nash and GN cars, to maintain a register of all existing cars and to provide a means of interchange of technical information and spares.

We welcome interest from past, current or prospective owners.


The Frazer Nash Archives

The FRAZER NASH ARCHIVES was established as a registered charity by John Aldington, son of HJ "Aldy" Aldington, to preserve, extend and promote the history of the marque.

At its core are the photos, records, trophies and memorabialia collected and guarded by John's uncle, WH "Bill" Aldington, who had been in charge of advertising and publicity from the early 1930s onwards.   Read more...



The names of Frazer Nash® and GN® and their respective logos are officially registered to